Благодарим Вас за то, что написали нам. Мы это очень ценим и обещаем ответить совсем скоро! Команда Freedom PR.
Public Relations / Media Relations
To solve your business tasks, we will form a set of tools that will be effective in your case and will allow you to get the necessary result in an adequate time.

Public relations are our main specialty, and we are very good at it.

We are well qualified – from preparing publications to the media to performing at conferences and forums.

About us

FREEDOM PR is a boutique agency uniting professionals
in the sphere of communications, crazy about what they do
Our team consists of 7 staff members and 10 contractors, and together we perform interesting projects of different scales. For 6 years in a row, we invent efficient communication and promotion strategies consisting of the ideas and tools helping your business. We are proficient in painstaking work, we love our Clients with all our hearts, being their reliable partner who is always here for them.
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Juliana Titaeva

Head of the Agency

9 years in business, including work in the largest international PR agencies on projects with Samsung, Starbucks, Malaysia Tourism, HP, Coca-Cola HBC, STADA, etc. Keeps overall control of the agency’s processes and business development. Knows English also Portuguese.

Anton Verbov


Proficient in the field of public relations and governmental bodies. 15 years in business. Has built career from the Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief to the head of Communication Department in RIA Novosti. Responsible for joint projects with government bodies and the non-commercial sector. Knows English.

Our advantages
All our account managers are over 30 years old and have at least 8 years of experience. They know the market and trends. Our specialists are calm and reasonable, always think ahead and only lead 3-4 projects at the same time. Each of them has a hobby (by the way, it is a criteria to be accepted to the team).
Caring for employees
Agency employees are paid above the market average, and we make sure they don't overwork (unusual, but that's the point of Freedom). As a result, we have got a motivated team, high efficiency and glowing eyes of employees.
Involvement in your project
We run projects as if they were our own. We pay a lot of attention to each Client. We sincerely worry about our common issues and happy for our common victories.
It's safe and convenient
with us
We work according to KPI (we prescribe volumes and terms of media list in the contract), we guarantee complete transparency and certainty. At the same time, we regularly send clear reports where the result can be seen in numbers.
Courtesy and competence
There are only nice, educated people in our team. We are extremely polite always and to everyone, regardless the circumstances. Business Ethics and Compliance Policy are very important to us not only with clients but with journalists and, of course, with each other too. Actually, we are very friendly by nature:)
Standardized speed and accuracy
Although we are not a big agency, we have clear work quality standards. For example, the response time to Clients’ letters is no longer than 2.5 hours (usually it is much faster), responses to journalists take minutes, and reporting on time for the Client is sacred for us.
Increasing the loyalty of journalists to your business
Journalists receive from us only proper materials and high-quality photos, extremely useful news and invitations to fascinating events. Due to comfortable co-operation with us, journalists form and increase loyalty to our Clients’ brands, they contact us for the information more frequently and make publications about you more often.
Professionalism and efficiency
We cooperate with journalists of both large federal editions and highly specialized ones, as well as with all types of bloggers. This fact and our knowledge of how to deal effectively with them guarantee success of every PR campaign.
Company statistics in numbers
We not only love our work itself, but we also love to evaluate its results! Check them out:
years we have been developing effective PR strategies
Successfully completed projects
publications about our Clients were published in business, socio-political, lifestyle and specialized media
of clients have been working with us for more than 2 years or have contacted us again.
journalists and bloggers working with various themes are included in our agency base
Our cases
Cost of services
Developing PR strategy for a year
100 000

It includes:

  • social media competitive analysis;
  • definition of PR objectives for a business.
  • positioning and key messaging
  • communication channels and tools.
  • selection of the media and bloggers relevant to your business.
  • performance measurement system;
  • anti-crisis management strategies (risk analysis, elaboration of strategy under emergency situations caused by external factors)
Developing PR strategy for 3 months
30 000

It is a document with a detailed  plan of activities which includes the scope of work and a timeframe for each task, key media, types of publications, their topics and other detailed information

Social media competitive analysis
20 000

Analysis of your competitors publications (number, their topics, sentiment and key messages, as well as the news agenda of your industry. This data allows you to quickly respond to events and adjust the strategy for the further promotion of the company.

Writing and distribution of press releases, communication with journalists
50 000

A press release is the fastest possible way to publish company news in the media.

Our activities:

  • we built the media list;
  • we write a press release and agree with you on it;
  • we launch a newsletter;
  • we contact journalists and provide the maximum number of publications.
Author’s article / column / interview from
50 000

These are effective tools to increase company and speaker awareness. It helps to develop effective relationship whit audience. The format of an interview, author’s article or column allows you to deeply reveal the topic and convey the key messages of your business to the target audience.

Our activities:

  • we choose the topic together;
  • we communicate with the speaker, formulate the theses;
  • we offer them to journalists from the approved media list;
  • having agreed we prepare the material (in case of an interview, we hold it);
  • we send the final version of the text for your approval;
  • we provide the publication.
Speaker's comment in media
20 000

The comments of the company's speakers in the media, for example, in reviews or analytical articles, where journalists collect the opinions of various experts, allows you to constantly remain in the public eye and increase the number of references.

Our activities:

  • we create speakers’ cards describing their expertise and send them to journalists from targeted media;
  • we track incoming requests from journalists and promptly provide comments from your speakers.
Integration into compilations
20 000

Compilations are overview publications on a specific topic. For example for HoReCa segment it may be a compilation of "The Best Verandas of Moscow" in The Village, and for beauty market clients it may be a publication "Skin care products that you cannot miss this fall" in Grazia magazine.

Our activities:

  • we interview journalists about the materials they are preparing (or are about to prepare), and we integrate our Clients into suitable materials;
  • we track incoming requests from journalists and provide them with information about our Clients for publication. 
Advertising of the released material and publication in communities with your audience
30 000

There are two ways to boost media coverage of your published material (articles, columns and interviews):

  • social media advertisement customized to your target audience;
  • putting links to publication in thematic communities.

Thus, the number of views among your target audience increases, and the journalist is more loyal to you. The recommended advertising budget if from 10,000 rubles.

Working with bloggers on a barter and commercial basis
20 000

This could be one-time mentions, a series of barter posts, product reviews, or big beautiful projects with a group of bloggers. There are a lot of formats and they depend on the specifics of your business and its aims. This paragraph shows the average cost for organizing 1-3 publications for bloggers with average reach. Read more about working with bloggers in the Digital & SMM section.

Creative news lettings for media and bloggers
30 000

The main goal of such news lettings is to create friendly relations between journalists (bloggers) and your brand. A special newsletter evokes positive emotions, which means that it will be remembered. It can lead to posting or invitation to an event.

Our activities:

  • we develop a list of target media and / or bloggers;
  • we come up with the concept and mechanics of mailing;
  • we produce gifts / invitations;
  • we organize and control delivery;
  • we receive feedbacks;
  • measure performance and generate a report.
Company/speaker’s blog
150 000

We blog on behalf of a speaker or a company on VC, Yandex Zen, Rusbase, etc.

Our activities:

  • together with you we think over topics and formulate theses;
  • we write posts (at least 4 publications per month);
  • we send them for your approval;
  • we edit and publish;
  • we respond to the comments of followers;
  • we increase the number of views by conducting advertising campaigns in social networks.
Organization of speeches at forums and conferences
35 000

Our actions:

  • we create a list of relevant events;
  • we draw up information about the speaker;
  • we help to choose a relevant topic and formulate interesting theses;
  • we negotiate with the organizers and agree on the speaker’s participation;
  • we provide the organizers with all the necessary texts and materials;
  • we control the process of placing the speaker in all announcements;
  • we carry out all the organizational work.


The cost is indicated for one event.

Preparing the speakers for participation
35 000

Our activities:

  • we correct the report, according to the allocated timing, we do rewriting;
  • we help to place accents, we completely take over making a presentation up to 10 slides;
  • we hold an individual off-line or on-line training with the speaker (we rehearse the speech, we hold a media training, where we teach how to answer media questions correctly).


Organization of press events
60 000


Press event is much more effective than a creative news letting (see  in the section "Working with media and bloggers"). It's the closest contact with the journalists you can get and a great way to introduce them your brand, to guarantee engagement and increase their loyalty. Interesting informative events allow you to get more detailed publications about the brand, its products, and services. We deal with all types of press events - from breakfasts for 4-6 journalists to organizing the work of the press service of large forums. More details can be seen in the section "Organization of events".

Translation and interpretation
10 000

We cooperate with highly qualified translators (including simultaneous interpreters) and guides. More about this – you will see soon on the page of our Travel & Business unit.

Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Service packages

155 000 

145 000


what is included in the package arrow
  • It is perfect for companies that want to appear in the information field or maintain their presence, as well as for PR-promotion of a chief or personal brand.

  • Social media competitive analysis;
  • development of a PR-plan for 3 months;
  • reporting once a month;
  • 1 press release with at least 5 publications;
  • 1 author’s article / column / interview;
  • 1 speaker’s comment / integration into collections.

270 000 

245 000


what is included in the package arrow
  • Perfect for companies with monthly newsbreaks (if you don't know them, there is a high probability that we will find them or help you to create them) and a desire to get ahead of competitors in terms of the number of mentions in the media and the level of awareness.

  • Social media competitive analysis;
  • development of a PR-plan for 3 months;
  • reporting once a month;
  • 2 press releases with at least 5 publications for each;
  • 1 author’s article / column / interview;
  • advertising of published material in social media and posting links to it in communities with a target audience;
  • 1 speaker’s comment / integration into collections;
  • 1 event for press or bloggers (up to 10 participants) every two months.

420 000 

370 000

YOU SAVE  >11%

what is included in the package arrow
  • An excellent choice for companies with lots of newsbreaks and very active competitors. The package will allow you to cover all the news, promote speakers and become one of the most popular in your industry.

  • social media competitive analysis;
  • development of a PR-plan for 3 months;
  • weekly, monthly, quarterly reports and reports upon request;
  • 2 press releases with at least 5 publications for each;
  • 2 articles / columns / interviews;
  • advertising of published material in social media and posting links to it in communities with a target audience
  • 1 speaker comment / integration into collections;
  • 1 project with bloggers on a barter or commercial basis;
  • organization of 1 presentation at a forum or a conference;
  • preparation of the speaker for the participation;
  • 1 event for press or bloggers (up to 10 participants) every month;
  • translation and interpreting upon request.
Ekaterina Aleshina
Communications Manager HP Inc.
in the countries of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Turkey

«When I was responsible for international communications for Coca-Cola HBC in Russia, Juliana held our account on behalf of the PR agency. Her work was related to such

Read completely
Irina Ratina
CEO of the
Retail TECH industry conference

«I have known Juliana since 2014. Back then I was the head of the sales department at Samsung Electronics, we provided work with key corporate clients.  Naturally, the process of communication 

Read completely
Mikhail Alenushkin
CRESCO Finance

«We thank the Freedom PR team for the long-term joint work on information support of CRESCO Finance Investment Company.

Read completely
Leo Lederman
HOM Brazil

«During the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, together with Freedom PR, we organized a touristic program in St. Petersburg and Moscow for 29 members

Read completely
Alexander Sysoyev
Founder of the
Russian Restaurant Festival, SysoevFM, the Privileges Project

«For several years in a row, different restaurant projects by Freedom PR participate in our gastronomic festivals and the ‘Privileges’ program.

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Elena Titok
ForbesLife travel

«Today, when the number of PR agencies is mushrooming, it is a true find to meet real professionals. Working with Freedom PR is easy and efficient. All requests are

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Alexey Zakharov
of the Strong Group Management Company

«PR in restaurant business is first of all a correctly built strategy,

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Alexandr Shishkin
Managing partner
of wine bars Brix

«We have been working with Freedom PR for more than 5 years.

Read completely
Darya Yuryeva
TASS News Agency

«Amid the things constantly changing, we put special value on such qualities

Read completely
Sergey Knyazyan
Former manager
of the Osteria Bianca restaurant

«Freedom PR is one of the best agencies I have ever worked with during 11 years

Read completely
Vitaly Leibin
Chief editor
of the «Russian Reporter» magazine

«I was glad to find out that experts from Freedom PR

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Dmitry Gaidash
project manager

«Juliana is always ready to promptly take on a request,

Read completely
Alexander Malyarevsky

«I met Ms. Titayeva at work. Back then she was an employee of a large agency

Read completely
Darya Kasyanova
Radio Silver Rain, Editor-in-Chief, barnayakarta.ru

«Journalism in the world of restaurants and bars is a huge ocean of information,

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Daniil Brick Star (Sokolov)
The founder of
Brick Star Museum

 «The media wrote about the opening of our museum; as a result of the work of the agency's team,

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Questions and answers
What business tasks does PR help to solve?

A PR strategy must necessarily be correspondent to the objectives of marketing and business in general. Thus, the tasks that PR helps to solve include:

  • attracting investors;
  • creating the expert status of the head of the business;
  • entering new markets;
  • compensating the competitors’ advantages;
  • increasing the loyalty of the target audience to the brand;
  • launching new products and services into the market, etc.
Does PR Affect Sales?

Yes, PR affects sales like any other part of marketing. Of course, a potential consumer will rather buy from a company with a good reputation than from one about which he knows less or nothing at all. It is important to understand that PR strengthens the system of marketing and sales in the company and does not replace it. It is one of the points of contact with the target audience.

Why is PR publishing better than advertisements?

Firstly, the credibility of the editorial material is much higher than of the commercial material marked “as advertised”. Secondly, the agency's work to create the material and ensure its release in the media costs less than placing the same material in the same media on a commercial basis.


Even multiple ad placements will not build your reputation because it is impossible to buy one. It can only be worked out, and it is a work in common of the agency with the Client.

How is PR effectiveness measured?

Every month, it is assessed (in those comprehensive reports that we have mentioned) according to the following indexes

  • number of publications;
  • number of views;
  • coverage of the target audience;
  • saved advertising budget;
  • citation of the media (how often it is referred to by other media) and its influence, and other.

If we keep your social network accounts, then these are:

  • number of posts;
  • coverage;
  • involvement;
  • comments;
  • interactions and other.

If we also organize events, then these are:

  • number of participants;
  • number of registrations;
  • guest reviews;
  • coverage with the media;
  • activity of participants;
  • number of partners and many other.


Look at the standard for our report. It contains a complete list of performance indexes for each type of work, that give a clear picture of how well we have worked together. Of course, for each Client, the report will take its own special form, because all projects are individual. But we want to show you that we bring real benefits to the business, assessing our work in the most detailed and understandable way.

How else is PR efficiency measured?


Monthly reports are in fact an assessment of how well PR strategy is working. We always keep our finger on the pulse of the first results


In the medium term, the effectiveness of PR begins to manifest itself in increasing awareness and level of trust. The cost of an advertising lead decreases, journalists of the target media begin to show loyalty and send requests on their own. It makes it much easier to establish new partnerships, or even your potential partners come to you on their own.


To measure the long term result you just need to understand whether the business problem has been solved or not? Of course, you also need to analyze the effectiveness of other marketing tools, not just PR.


For example, the business task was to increase sales. There was a number of publications about you as a part of a PR campaign aimed at generating interest to the company among the target audience. The reports show that people started to search for you in Google more often and the number of organic traffic to your website has grown, and there has been an increase in subscribers in social networks. Advertising performance is excellent as well, but sales have grown very weakly. In this case, it is necessary to analyze the work of the sales department.


If all marketing tools are performed well, then PR has the best effect on the growth of financial performance.

What are the working conditions and payment procedure?

We are engaged in both subscription services and individual projects.


For example, we can easily hold an effective press event or carry out a PR campaign supporting a new product, or engage in raising the expert status of a leader, organize his speeches at niche events and prepare him for the participation.


We are always happy to discuss an interesting new project.


The minimum subscription period is 3 months.


All amounts, terms, list of media and other important nuances will be detailed in the contract.


We work on advance payment base (at least 50%).


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How we are working

Getting acquainted.

We receive a completed brief from you, then we arrange a meeting in person or online. We delve into the specifics of your company, formulate the goals that you want to achieve. We tell about ourselves and how we can be useful.


Making an offer.

Within a period of up to two weeks (sometimes it takes two days, in case of smaller projects) we prepare an offer with clear KPIs. Then we arrange a meeting and make a presentation, discuss the details and make adjustments, if necessary.


Signing the contract.

All approved KPIs, terms of work and other significant nuances are included into the contract. After receiving the prepayment, we approve a detailed PR-plan (tactical action plan) and start working.


Working on the project.

Your account manager is always in touch with you, and you have online access to the approved PR plan and can see the progress of its implementation. We promptly discuss working points and during working process suggest new ideas and initiatives. Our team will always help you with advice on marketing-related issues (and often on other related issues) and is ready to back you up at any time.



With the frequency stipulated by the contract we provide you with a detailed and understandable report where you can see the results of the work enjoying your own and our common success.